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Friday, May 25, 2012

I Love Yogurt - Part 2

See..see...I've told you. Still craving for yogurts. Couldn't find for Peach Yogurt from the grocery store downstairs in my office. Only four flavors left - Aloe Vera, Original, Strawberry and Blueberry. Hmm...I chose... Strawberry..yaa....can-lah!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Love Yogurt :D

I do really love yogurt nowadays. Why suddenly? Don't know why. Just feel want to eat it almost everyday now. To be more specific, only for this flavour - Peach! What a nice feeling I had after I ate em'. I never eat the fresh Peach anyway. It must be good :D Shud try one day.
Canned peach? Aha...that one is acceptable. Got one in my fridge at home but haven't open yet. What brand to be consider? Seriously any brand. Marigold? Nestle? Anything is accepted as long as it contains Peach! How about other flavour? Hmm...yesterday I bought the mixed berries from Nestle brand. But the Peach taste much better. Had tried once if not mistaken it is from Marigold - Peach & Apple bought from grocery store at my office. That one is nice. Can feel the tempting delicious feeling...wahahaha ;D
Have to wait till they re-stock again...uhuhu...Again, it doesn't matter for me as long as they've got Peach! Doesn't the yogurt have the sour taste thingy? doubt on that. I'm not the yogurt lover before, frankly. But I shud give the exception to yogurt drinks...hahaha...can arr?
...Yogurt drink how can anyone resist, right? . Ha, talking about yogurt drinks. Know what? Vitagen is delicious though. Don't you think? Also consume this almost everyday...Yaa....Nestle Yogurt drinks too...hmm....huuu...
From the past few weeks till now I'll make sure that the Yogurt - Peach is always with me.

Last week, I went for holidays in Langkawi with my Family in law. You guest what. I was started craving for Yogurt Peach. Like I am pregnant or what?! Huh?! (UPT test still -ve anyway took it last two days ago...huhu :(....) . Keep on searching almost in all the groceries (Difficult to find 7E shop there you know.) but couldn't find it. Such a disappointing as I kept asking my hubby whether he found any shop that sells yogurt (more specifically on Peach Yogurt again..) but end with -ve answer...huhu..
 Well...what to do then...have to wait till we came back to KL.

Such a relieved that I can find yogurt - Peach anywhere in KL!!...hahaha....

On my table now in front of me...waiting to be eaten by me....

Since that came out with this topic, I search for articles about the yogurt benefits. I found this one.
Let see what is the yogurt benefits. Taken from this useful website:

10 Reasons Yogurt is a Top Health Food

1. Yogurt is easier to digest than milk. Many people who cannot tolerate milk, either because of a protein allergy or lactose intolerance, can enjoy yogurt. The culturing process makes yogurt more digestible than milk. The live active cultures create lactase, the enzyme lactose-intolerant people lack, and another enzyme contained in some yogurts (beta-galactosidase) also helps improve lactose absorption in lactase-deficient persons. Bacterial enzymes created by the culturing process, partially digest the milk protein casein, making it easier to absorb and less allergenic. In our pediatric practice, we have observed that children who cannot tolerate milk can often eat yogurt without any intestinal upset. While the amount varies among brands of yogurt, in general, yogurt has less lactose than milk. The culturing process has already broken down the milk sugar lactose into glucose and galactose, two sugars that are easily absorbed by lactose-intolerant persons.
2. Yogurt contributes to colon health. There's a medical truism that states: "You're only as healthy as your colon." When eating yogurt, you care for your colon in two ways. First, yogurt contains lactobacteria, intestines-friendly bacterial cultures that foster a healthy colon, and even lower the risk of colon cancer. Lactobacteria, especially acidophilus, promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon and reduces the conversion of bile into carcinogenic bile acids. The more of these intestines-friendly bacteria that are present in your colon, the lower the chance of colon diseases. Basically, the friendly bacteria in yogurt seems to deactivate harmful substances (such as nitrates and nitrites before they are converted to nitrosamines) before they can become carcinogenic.
Secondly, yogurt is a rich source of calcium - a mineral that contributes to colon health and decreases the risk of colon cancer. Calcium discourages excess growth of the cells lining the colon, which can place a person at high risk for colon cancer. Calcium also binds cancer-producing bile acids and keeps them from irritating the colon wall. People that have diets high in calcium (e.g. Scandinavian countries) have lower rates of colorectal cancer. One study showed that an average intake of 1,200 milligrams of calcium a day is associated with a 75 percent reduction of colorectal cancer. As a survivor of colon cancer, I have a critical interest in the care of my colon. My life depends on it.
3. Yogurt improves the bioavailability of other nutrients. Culturing of yogurt increases the absorption of calcium and B-vitamins. The lactic acid in the yogurt aids in the digestion of the milk calcium, making it easier to absorb.
4. Yogurt can boost immunity. Researchers who studied 68 people who ate two cups of live-culture yogurt daily for three months found that these persons produced higher levels of immunity boosting interferon. The bacterial cultures in yogurt have also been shown to stimulate infection-fighting white cells in the bloodstream. Some studies have shown yogurt cultures to contain a factor that has anti-tumor effects in experimental animals.
NUTRITIP: Yogurt - Good for Young and Old
Yogurt is a valuable health food for both infants and elderly persons. For children, it is a balanced source of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and minerals in a texture that kids love. For senior citizens, who usually have more sensitive colons or whose intestines have run out of lactase, yogurt is also a valuable food. Elderly intestines showed declining levels of bifidus bacteria, which allow the growth of toxin-producing and, perhaps, cancer-causing bacteria.
5. Yogurt aids healing after intestinal infections. Some viral and allergic gastrointestinal disorders injure the lining of the intestines, especially the cells that produce lactase. This results in temporary lactose malabsorption problems. This is why children often cannot tolerate milk for a month or two after an intestinal infection. Yogurt, however, because it contains less lactose and more lactase, is usually well-tolerated by healing intestines and is a popular "healing food" for diarrhea. Many pediatricians recommend yogurt for children suffering from various forms of indigestion. Research shows that children recover faster from diarrhea when eating yogurt. It's good to eat yogurt while taking antibiotics. The yogurt will minimize the effects of the antibiotic on the friendly bacteria in the intestines.
NUTRITIP: A Chaser for Antibiotics
Antibiotics kill not only harmful bacteria; they also kill the healthy ones in the intestines. The live bacterial cultures in yogurt can help replenish the intestines with helpful bacteria before the harmful ones take over. I usually "prescribe" a daily dose of yogurt while a person is taking antibiotics and for two weeks thereafter.
A 1999 study reported in Pediatrics showed that lactobacillus organisms can reduce antibiotic-associated diarrhea.
6. Yogurt can decrease yeast infections. Research has shown that eating eight ounces of yogurt that contains live and active cultures daily reduces the amount of yeast colonies in the vagina and decreases the incidence of vaginal yeast infections.
7. Yogurt is a rich source of calcium. An 8-ounce serving of most yogurts provides 450 mg. of calcium, one-half of a child's RDA and 30 to 40 percent of the adult RDA for calcium. Because the live-active cultures in yogurt increase the absorption of calcium, an 8-ounce serving of yogurt gets more calcium into the body than the same volume of milk can.
8. Yogurt is an excellent source of protein. Plain yogurt contains around ten to fourteen grams of protein per eight ounces, which amounts to twenty percent of the daily protein requirement for most persons. In fact, eight ounces of yogurt that contains live and active cultures, contains 20 percent more protein than the same volume of milk (10 grams versus 8 grams). Besides being a rich source of proteins, the culturing of the milk proteins during fermentation makes these proteins easier to digest. For this reason, the proteins in yogurt are often called "predigested."
9. Yogurt can lower cholesterol. There are a few studies that have shown that yogurt can reduce the blood cholesterol. This may be because the live cultures in yogurt can assimilate the cholesterol or because yogurt binds bile acids, (which has also been shown to lower cholesterol), or both.
10. Yogurt is a "grow food." Two nutritional properties of yogurt may help children with intestinal absorption problems grow: the easier digestibility of the proteins and the fact that the lactic acid in yogurt increases the absorption of minerals. And even most picky-eaters will eat yogurt in dips and smoothies and as a topping.
Perhaps we can take a health tip about yogurt cultures from cultures who consume a lot of yogurt, such as the Bulgarians who are noted for their longer lifespan and remain in good health well into old age.
NUTRMYTH: All foods made with yogurt are created equal
Not so. In fact, the yogurt used to coat nibble foods such as raisins, nuts, and fruit bits is often so highly sugared that you're really eating more sugar than yogurt.

Well now, does it change your mind now? Hahaha...come2. Let's eat Yogurt...Uuu...nice! :-D
You shud try one. Especially PEACH!!!! ;P

P/s: Kenapa tetiba nak tulis dalam versi omputih ni? Saja je kan...nak taip lebih poyo lagi tapi nak lunch. Kita makan dulu!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Trifle - Dessert Menggoda!! baru first try. Tetiba nak menerai wat trifle pudding nih..oh yer...bukan truffle yer..trifle dan truffle adalah tidak sama langsung dan dua benda yang berbeza yer...sila rujuk Encik Google.
Kenapa dipanggil trifle? Maybe gabungan kek, pudding dan fruit cocktail kot.

Macam resipi dan cara trifle kat internet. Tapi trifle ni terpaksa wat dalam bowl tinggi. Tak ingat lak apa nama untuk bowl ni. Memula plan nak pakai bekas mangkuk kaca yang transparent yang empat segi. Ingatkan ada la dalam simpanan beli kat IKEA. Sekali rupenye yang dibeli mangkuk pai bukan mangkuk yang empat segi tu. Then, I tukar la plan pakai bowl tinggi ni. Konon2 dah ala-ala Nigella Lawson la ni hahaha....

Ni resipi yang I copy dari Blog Mat Gebu. Blog pilihan saya :-)
Nak tahu cara2-nyer pun kene pegi blog Mat Gebu. Kite kene hormatkan empunya resipi ok..

200 ml susu sejat IDEAL
100 ml air
2 kuning telur    -------> I omit this
2 camca besar penuh tepung kastard
4 camca besar gula atau secukup rasa
3/4 camca teh esen vanilla

1/2 camca teh konnyaku jelly powder  -------> I pakai serbuk agar2 Nona perisa Raspberry
Gula secukup rasa,   -------> I omit this
500 ml air
1/2 camca teh strawberry emulco   -------> I omit this
Beberapa titik pewarna merah   -------> I omit this

1 tin besar buah2an koktel, ditoskan, asing jusnya  -------> I pakai 2 tin ayam brand cocktail.
200 ml whipping cream (1 kotak kecil), disejukkan  -------> I pakai whip cream non-dairy
Jus dari buah2an koktel tadi

So...apa lagi..layankan gambar cara-cara dan hasilnyer :-)



kek lagi

yang ni bancuhan custard

Ni plak whip cream yang dah dipukul letak kat layer pertama

Bubuh cocktail utk 1st layer

Tuang custard plak

Bubuh lagi cocktail. I pilih peach sebab I suka peach

Jelly yang tengah dimasak

Yang dah dituang Jelly dan telah disejukkan

Uih...dessert yang sungguh tempting..


Yammm!! :)
Rasa dia? Ada manis dan masam. Saya suker :-) Senang je kan...Selamat mencuba...

Sambungan Continental Cakes...

Ni gambar satu gambar2 kek yg snap waktu kat kelas semi hands-on continental cakes ngan Chef Norbaini :-). Mmg kelas ni menarik dan akan amik kelas dia lagi :-)

Amacam...ada terliuq dak? Hehe...i yg tgk ni pun terliuq rasa tgk kek2 ni. Akan buat sendiri gak nnt tapi entah bila....

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Continental Cakes.

Ok...nak bagi jamu mata la yer....baru dua jam lepas baru balik dari attend kelas continental Chef Norbaini. Lepas ni leh wat? Insyaallah boleh punyer. No hal lah! tapi bila? Bila kerajinan melanda. Untuk dijual? Oh No! Tidak...bukan untuk dijual. Sbb tuan punya diri ada penyakit 'M' hahaha...

Amacam? Leh nampak ke gambar ni? Ke kecik benor? Nanti i akan letak gambar satu2 punye nanti...Tungguuuu!!!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Dessert Menggoda... apa plak ni...ah...jamu mata je dulu...Nanti cara2 daku tempekkan kemudian...hehe...

Hobi baru dengan Crochet Hook

Suka taw...suka taw...suka tetiba minat itew...berkobar-kobar nak buat...pastu jumpa minat lain, minat lama menurun mendadak menjunam macam terjun dari curam bukit (apa kene mengena?)..

Dolu masa muda-mudi remaja pernah try la konon nak wat crochet. Tapi napa la benak sangat ataupun sebenarnya otak tu malas nak pk (kenapa la susah sangat nak paham wat crochet ni?). Dah mak ajar sampai basic je. Wat la "chain" tu sampai pandai. Itu je la pun pandainyer....bagi la buku crochet...sekali ...tak paham daa...apakah? Simbol bolat2 dan garisan2...bolat2 dan garisan2...huh?! Malas lah nak pk! Tutup buku!

Sebelum minat crochet ni hadir (eceh!) punya la kemaruk mem'baking'. Macam2 kek la kirenye suka mencuber. Dan ada juga la wat bisnes jual kek yg termasyur dan terbilang tuh yang "Red Velvet Cakes" tuh. (Leh tgk gambar kek kat label cakes atau Red Velvet Cakes.) pastu dah tak minat dah.
Nak wat kek je rasa liat yang amat. Pandang mixer, tgk butter je..terus rasa lemah badan. Haha...takmo2 wat kek..Takde mood.

Ni wat crochet lak. Tapi nape seminggu je berkobar-kobar sampai setiap masa nak menganyam crochet tu.  La ni wat sikit bila rasa nak wat. Yang aku citer pasal crochet ni ialah bermula dari minggu lepas tau. Bukan bulan lepas atau tahunan lalu...yer..baru je ni ha...
Makacih la bebanyak kat makcik aku. Waktu gathering makan2 kat umah nek last week sempat lagi tu belajar wat crochet. Nak mahamkan simbol yang Simbol bolat2 dan garisan2...bolat2 dan garisan2 tuh.
Ni boleh la sikit2x.
Ni daku nk tunjukkan crochet hook yg aku beli. Memula sebelum beli ni beli crochet hook yg biasa je yg besi silver tu. Waktu tu tak pandai lagi salahkanlah benang besar sangat lah, salahkan crochet hook kecik sangat lah.
Sekali lepas makcik aku tunjuk ajarku sifu tu, sekali takde lak kuar masalah di atas. Apa punyer alasan? Tapi nak wat camner nak terorder juga crochet hook.
Tapi suker sangat. Macam2 kaler dan macam2 saiz...I LOOIKEEE! hehehe...
Lepas ni mana la tahu akan wat projek crochet yg besar2 kan..tak payah nk pening2 nak pilih crochet hook yang mana...

Ni gambar crochet hook set tu..

Pada sesapa yang nak cari mana nak beli crochet hook set, boleh beli kat SINI. Cepat je dapat lepas order :-)....
Sekarang tengah wat crochet sarung telefon bimbit. Nant bila dah siap baru tempekkan...daaaaa....

Snek lazat, enak lagi berkhasiat...

Ni nak share ngan uolzz, snek ni. sedap la fullak bila makan. Harga mahal gak eh. Tp dalam satu peket dah di'individual' pek kan...ok la..makan selalu nih leh kurus nih...bulleh ke? Boleh la sangat...hehe...Kasi layann.....
Quaker - Oat Cookies with Honey Nuts
Diperbuat daripada 
Bijian Penuh Oat* 
0% Lemak Trans Sumber Serat
Tiada Perisa Tiruan
Caya lah...

Ulang lagi...lazat, enak lagi berkhasiat...
Tak caya cuba try....
Ada 3 flavour (flavour ker?) - Apple & Cinnamon, Raisin dan Honey Nuts.
Hakak pilih Honey Nuts coz tak suka perasa Cinnamon dan hakak tak berapa suka makan raisin yg leh wat melekat di gigi bila kunyah....cruupp..crapp..crupp..crapp...dengarkanlah rangupnyer biskut ini. Diulangi lazat, enak lagi berkhasiat. 
Mandai2 je daku promote kan...takde royalti pung...

Kat mana nak beli? Ler kat supermarket ler. Layanzzzz.....

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